What to expect from college football Week 8


By: ClubHouseAceS writer AARON SAUNDERS — Follow him on twitter @ACE_Saunders12

I did pretty good last week and it has me excited and confident coming into this week’s contest. I definitely made the correct upset pick, when I picked USC over Arizona. I was also correct by saying that Duke would beat Georgia Tech with my biggest revelation, I am even more confident in my picks this year so make sure to check out the picks below.

Game of the Week:

No. 7 Alabama vs. No. 21 Texas A&M: I know everyone is going to say, how is Notre Dame and Florida State not the game of the week? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game and I am looking forward to seeing it, just not as much as Alabama vs. Texas A&M. I am thoroughly intrigued to see if Alabama’s vaunted defense, which has had problems with this…

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