2014 College Football Picks: Week 11

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Below are the picks for week 11.

These are pretty self explanatory. Each team has a projected score, which is adjusted for strength of schedule and home field advantage (except for games played on neutral fields). Each team also has an expected win probability, expressing how often you would expect team A to beat team B. Not all games are listed here, of course, as I am not collecting data on FCS teams.

If you are interested in seeing the ratings for each team, click here.

Week 10 Results

Last week’s picks can be found here.

  • Straight Up- 40-14, 74.07%
  • Against the Spread- 30-24, 55.56%

Season Results

Straight Up

Win ProbabilityCorrectWrong% Correct

Against the Spread

263-222-9 (54.23%)

Week 11 picks after the…

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