Number of Non-Conference Major Conference Opponents 1996-2014

Notice there is no SEC Team in the Top 50!!!! Scheduling mattering in win total!

College Football Trivia

The following is the number of regular season non-conference games played against a team from a major conference, or a major independent, from 1996 -2014. Opponents were considered major if they came from the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, PAC-10/12 or SEC during the period. Also, since Notre Dame was considered an automatic qualifier to the BCS, they are counted as a major as well. Since the American had an AQ big in 2013 as well, they also were considered a major team for that year. The percentage given is the percent of non-conference games played against major teams divided by the total non-conference games. Teams were not included in the totals for years in which they were independents as all their games were non-conference.

East Caro.60-(19-41-0)–0.3166782.20
Fla. Atlantic31-(2-29-0)–0.0645272.10
Western Mich.44-(8-36-0)–0.1818263.80

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