Alabama or Arizona State or Oregon

Great Post!!! Love to see the comparisons side-by-side between these 3 schools.

Armchair College Football

On the Facebook page today the MAWS-Gridshot (Aaron) challenged me (Aubrey) on Oregon and Arizona State being ahead of Alabama on the Performance Index because of strength of schedule. The reply was too big for a Facebook post so here is a post for everyone to enjoy! Thank you Aaron, because every time you question something on the Index I spend 2-3 hours making sure that I am confident in the numbers and the formulas I use! I should give Aaron half credit for creating the Index.

So I am going to try to stay away from too many complicated numbers and formulas and talk about these teams in basic strength of schedule terms.

First lets looks at how the Performance Index measures strength of schedule.

  1. How many ranked teams have been on the schedule up to this point? And that includes teams that were ranked after the fact or before…

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One thought on “Alabama or Arizona State or Oregon

  1. Thanks for the re-blog! Much appreciated. Returning part of the favor with posting a link to your site on the Facebook and becoming a follower of your blog myself. – Aubrey from Armchair Insiders

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